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October 2013

Representatives from William A. Kibbe & Associates recently presented a $3,000 check to Covenant Kids from the proceeds of their 2013 golf outing at the Sawmill Golf Club. We are proud to be associated with Covenant Kids and help support programs that make a difference in our community. So many people within our office, along with clients and vendors, stepped up to help make this event a tremendous success.

Pictured from the left are Jay Wheeler (Kibbe), Connie Downing (Covenant Healthcare), Robyne Gregory (Covenant Healthcare), and Terry Gregory (Kibbe)



October 2012

William A. Kibbe & Associates Raises $2,500 for Covenant Kids
Through Kibbe Klassic

Just this past September, William A. Kibbe & Associates hosted a golf outing to benefit Covenant Kids at the Sawmill in Saginaw. 96 golfers attended the event raising $2,500 to help local pediatric patients at Covenant HealthCare.

Located in Saginaw, the Architectural and Engineering firm selects a local non-profit organization or program for the Kibbe Klassic to support each year. This year’s selection, Covenant Kids, hit close to home for one Kibbe employee.

Terry Gregory, a project manager with Kibbe, is married to Robyne Gregory, a Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist at Covenant. Robyne works with staff and patients in the Pediatric Unit every day to make sure the area’s children receive the best possible care. The Pediatric Unit is just one of many departments that have received funding from the Covenant Kids Fund.

One of the recently fulfilled requests included the purchase of Cinemavision for use during an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). Patients receiving an MRI are asked to lay completely still in a tunnel-like space while a magnetic force field spins around their body. Many children, especially toddlers and some older children must be sedated in order for them to be still enough for the images to come out clearly.

Cinemavision is a device created to reduce anxiety experienced during an MRI and decrease the required instances of pediatric sedation. Made of special non-metallic components, the headset and goggles can be worn during the test, enabling children to listen and watch a movie all while helping them to remain calm and still. In the first few months of implementation, this device has reduced the instances of pediatric sedation more than 11%.

Knowing firsthand the impact of donations, Robyne says, “Donated money goes directly to support departments at Covenant that have an impact on pediatric patients. All the projects funded help improve clinical outcomes for children, and make their care and treatment a little more comfortable.”

Representatives from William A. Kibbe & Associates say it makes them feel good knowing they can help support programs that make a difference in their community. “So many people within our office along with clients and vendors stepped up to help make this event a success”, says Terry. “We are proud to be able to support Covenant Kids and give back to our community.”

For more information on the Kibbe Klassic, contact Jay Wheeler or Terry Gregory at 989.752.5000.

For more information on Covenant Kids, contact Kristin Knoll at 989.583.7655


May 7, 2010

RTO Energy Savings Project at SMCO

Click here for the full report.

A team was put together for the purpose of evaluating the (3) existing RTO's (Regenerative Thermal Oxidation unit) in the plant to determine if any energy savings could be realized by investigating the efficiency of the operation of the units. The three (3) Precision Sand RTO units were picked because they were the biggest users of energy in the Precision Sand process. The cost to run one of these units at the time of the project was approximately $20.00 per CFM per year when gas was at $9.00 per mbtu. This equates to approximately $1,300,000 per unit annually.


August 10, 2009

Kibbe has joined the Investigative Engineers Association and now offers a variety of investigative engineering services.

William A. Kibbe & Associates, Inc